Ordering the right amount of fabric

Hopefully this will ensure you get the correct amount of fabric, and not end up with the situation resembling ordering 8 oranges and ending up with 8kgs of oranges resulting in you having to dig out a marmalade recipe !

All You, me and Mabel fabrics are shown as 1 fat quarter.

A fat quarter is usually 50cm x 55cm (fabric width) unless stated ie Gutermann

If you want more than a fat quarter please select the amount you want and we will send it as one continuous piece.

Example if you would like 1 metre please order 4 fat quarters of the same fabric 

Hope this is self explanitory, any queries send us an Email youmeandmabel@hotmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many Thanks 

Sally, Stu and Mabel. xx